yesterday and today

Are the votes in…? heheh. I was mentally exhausted and wasn’t even aware yesterday. This is the second week that has happened playing in a chess tournament. I totally embarrassed myself and apologized to my opponent. He didn’t want me to apologize (he was being nice), but I had to since I played a severely subpar game. It was cool that I lost because he wanted to review the game with me and he started giving me his bio (Masters in Physics, made silicone drones). One would have to be an incredible liar if he was making this stuff up! We were reviewing the game and he was going over his thoughts and I was going over mine. Then more players came over to where we were reviewing the game and I got taught some fundamentals. One guy told me that I should play the Nimzo Indian (Aron Nimzovich’s opening). I relayed I was reading his book  (My System) and hadn’t gotten to that yet. So it works for me! I tried to take a nap on the train to rest my mind and thought I would be fully equipped come chess time. It seems my brain needed more rest as I saw when we were reviewing the game where my play got extremely bad…

Business wise, I’m still on the shoe string budget and don’t know any other way of getting an advance besides charging companies two weeks in advance for services. Then the quandary came about that if I do get some employees, not only do I have to pay liability and worker’s comp insurance, I would need general liability insurance! Folks, I’m collecting unemployment and the gov’t likes to take any money out of my hand that they can… $361 a week (given sporadically on a few occasions) isn’t beneficial. I have a family to take care of and that can’t even make the rent! I’m determined not to go on public assistance, so GOD willing we’ll see how this plays out. I’m believing that the business will be successful, since it wasn’t my will to do it. I was looking for a job and there was no door opening for employment (couldn’t even get temp work!). I don’t plan on robbing any banks or hacking any accounts (to get major capital) since I’m not able to get any loans. I asked for a loan and I have to have capital… If I have capital, I wouldn’t need a loan… There are even grants that NY can give and you still need to have capital!

I haven’t updated my website . I plan on adding another week and see how things go.

Till then,

good day.