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I take it I have no Linux fans heheh… Happy Late Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to all! I am not a fan of Craigslist as I happen to run across many characters. But it appears you can get some gold nuggets from a lot of digging through dirt! Living in NY is becoming increasing difficult and people have to have a side gig just to get by now… It appears even getting into the IT industry is severely difficult as well. But I’m determined and have a passion for technology (as well as for chess). I am looking to buy or get for free all used and broken computers to work on. Perhaps I can even fix it and give the computer back to you for free with a new operating system installed if you so desire (Linux preferably, unless you have a windows CD available for installation).

Marketing is also extremely difficult in my opinion if you don’t have funding. It’s hard to get word of mouth advertising without heavy networking and “looking out” for others. I apologize for any who feel I don’t follow their blogs. I plan on trying to make a stronger pursuit on checking my fellow writers. Please note that I use my phone as a hotspot in order to post, and I believe that my be prohibiting me from posting frequently as I see the spinning wheel of death that continually says “Saving…”. It’s 2:37a in the morning and I don’t plan on running to a McD’s for wifi (Please note it was the Google Chrome browser giving difficulty.., it’s now 2:57a and I’m using Firefox). Please also note my frugality on spending much money on technology, and I try to fully utilize any and all technologies currently within my possession.

I look forward to speaking and working with you guys in the future.

I forgot my quote of the week with the last post.

“Enjoy the time that you spend on Earth, as time is extremely fleeting…”

Good day.


Days events

It was an interesting morning… although I won’t get into much detail but give a story to give you some thought as to what was experienced: when one is married (man and woman), it’s a difficult thing if one of the partners is suspicious of the other. This causes distrust and is extremely detrimental to the relationship, especially if one of the partners hasn’t been caught doing anything (or there is an assumption that something is “happening). I remember my brother stating something to this effect: if he has a girlfriend that thinks that he is cheating on her, and she continually accuses him of cheating, and if he isn’t, then he “will” cheat! This is an interesting thought process. Instead of trying to convince the person you’re not doing wrong, to give in to the wrong doing. I don’t agree with that thought process.

Technology can play a role in this as well since social media and other sorts of socializing may make someone extremely paranoid. My recommendation: before getting married, make sure that your partner is trustworthy and is looking out for your best interest. In this day and age it seems people don’t take marriage serious… if one isn’t serious about marrying, then why get married?

Fulfilling Labor Day

Hello again.

I’m shocked at how fast time flies! As I mentioned, I plan on posting at least two paragraphs a day, and I plan on keeping with my quota. Today my family and I went to Coney Island. My wife wanted to go to Brighton Beach and I was in the “Ok” mode and tagged along. While going to Brighton Beach, we ran into an interesting lady who struck up a conversation as I was planning to bring my son and the stroller he was in down a flight (or two) of stairs to get to the Q train platform. She was standing by the elevator and relayed that it would be better to take the elevator, as the stairs were slippery, and she had an accident on them prior. Persuaded by what she said, I took the elevator. She struck up a conversation with my wife and ultimately relayed that we should go to Coney Island since Brighton Beach was known for negative publicity. We got to Coney Island as it started to drizzle (it made for a cool time at the beach heheh). The sand shockingly is made of … I don’t know… but I couldn’t make a sand castle. They have some different kind of sand at Coney Island. I settled for making a face appear to be coming from below and was satisfied. 

There are some cool rides at Coney Island as well as events you can play. I played a 3 point contest game and felt like I embarrassed myself. I noticed that the balls weren’t filled with the same amount of air that is considered “official” weight. It was as if there was half the amount of air that should be in the ball, making it tough to make a basket (They don’t put those games for people to take Coney Island’s money right?)! Overall, the day was a blessing. My daughter didn’t want to stick around and watch me in a go kart, so my wife headed off for the kiddie section. It appears she doesn’t like heights, and appeared to like the rides that stayed level. 

Does anyone have any Coney Island stories? Or Brighton Beach stories? Would enjoy hearing…

PS. Shockingly I didn’t use electronics for almost half of the day! Who says we “need” to use technology?

I also plan on updating my crowdfunding website to show what’s happened since I first uploaded… You can see the old one that is scheduled to go bye bye here: . 


Good night