Do you even care?!?

Hello all.

I am continuing my test of Linux operating systems. I forgot to mention that I’m also looking to see which is the easiest to install java and flash on. Linux Mint 16 has a java derivative known as IcedTea. I’m a chess enthusiast and so I utilize to test for java as it allows you to play the computer via java. IcedTea gives some error which I haven’t figured out yet how to fix, nor am I sure I plan on fixing it since I have two other operating systems on my netbook that I can use (Only Lubuntu 13.10 has java installed though…). I feel this “research” is beneficial as I believe that although Bill Gates is still around, as well as Microsoft, that pretty soon their proprietary pushing on the public consumer may come to a screeching halt. For example, I don’t have to utilize Microsoft office in order to get a word document typed up, nor do I need Excel to make a spreadsheet. I believe there is even freeware for Powerpoint that can be utilized. I say all this because Android is very popular and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With freesourcing and freeware, I’m speaking for me now, why would I need to “buy” any proprietary software? I enjoy getting free stuff, and I don’t mind learning how to utilize it as I can get an updated version without coming out of my pocket. Sounds great right? The only detrimental thing that I continually find is that it becomes difficult in certain instances to install what would seem to be a simple program. More to come on that…

I recently went to the welfare office to check on the status of my case. I don’t know about the rest of the US, but I can’t get my foot in the door with any company. That is one of the main reasons I began my own. Having a unique company name with no previous clients doesn’t help… yet the beat goes on. I’m looking for new areas to pursue, mainly in the transportation industry. I have an idea to modify the current bicycle as we know it to make it useful for all 4 seasons that New York encounters. I’m working on the blueprint as we speak and I don’t know if I should just sell the idea to a company or if I should just produce the product via my company. It comes down to funding, and if I can find some people who want to fund the business and have a say in how the product is to be completed, I’m all ears. My main goal is to get the product into the market and it doesn’t have to put a gazillion dollars in my pocket. I have an Art background, and so I would just consider it one of my masterpieces should it come to fruition, which GOD allowing would be within 5 years. But at this moment money is almost nonexistent for me and I can’t even get a low paying job. I’m thinking should I just try and work for a fast food restaurant till something comes along and accept minimum wage? That sounds ridiculous as I was making around $45,000. I don’t mind taking a pay cut, but to be paid less than half of that sounds foolish to me…

Quote of the week: Eyes and brains, Watson. Eyes and brains.


tech issues, and life issues

Hello all!

I’m am still on my quest to test linux operating systems. I downloaded and installed two new OSs: Fedora 20 and Linux Mint 16. Regrettably I lost my windows XP with the Fedora install… It wasn’t showing the drive correctly and I thought I “knew” what I was doing. Note to all: backup data before trying! I take it as a blessing, although I lost many files. The memory was running low on my C: drive and I tried to create another partition to give it more space. I wasn’t allowed to as Windows XP can’t do it by default. I tried to used a linux operating system to make the C: drive bigger, but to no avail… So that means I have to move forward with Linux. The one thing I truly enjoy is that it’s open source and the programs are free! I remember even when I was younger I had a strong distaste in my mouth for windows products since one would be forced to upgrade or be faced with an obsolete product. I like free products, and I want to be able to give out free products as well in the future.

I’m officially getting SNAP now. I don’t know how it works as I given two different versions regarding the benefits (regarding how often I would be getting the benefits). In due time, GOD allowing I’ll know. So how does one continue a business when I’m stuck in a “Back to Work” program from 9-5? This hinders plans… I guess I would have to show them I have financial backing in order to be exempt from the program. I also was served with another eviction notice. I feel like a lawyer now I’m in court so much! Maybe I should study law. I have a new avenue regarding the business, and I’m excited yet I don’t know how to proceed. I need funding (as usual), but like the free operating systems, I have to find ways to get the resources and materials I need to make maquettes (small versions of the product). The product is a modification of sorts to bicycles. I can’t give any more information than that as I wouldn’t want someone to try to run off with my idea. Till it’s patented, no pics… :-(. I plan on putting it on kickstarter since I tried another crowdfunding website (I can’t even remember the name of it at the moment…) and I got nowhere. I mean I did get some funding, but it was from “family and friends”. I thought I would get donations from total strangers. I guess my staffing agency idea wasn’t the best. I believe I should be donations from strangers on my bike mod idea. I’ll give a hint: a bike where you can be protected from the elements! How does that sound?

Back to the linux operating systems: I am testing them out to see which would be best for public use. I appreciate Lubuntu 13.10 (which I’m currently using) and Slitaz as the latter allowed me to partition my former windows xp laptop. Remember that Apple uses a linux/unix based operating system, and android does as well. Much respect to Bill Gates as Microsoft is still in the game (albeit their operating systems tend to get worse and worse as they progress: does anyone understand why windows looks like a mobile phone and a desktop?) I believe the computer parts companies are in cahoots with Apple and Microsoft. I have an operating system (Lucid Puppy) that works with my not up-to-today’s standards netbook. It has a single core processor and 2GB of ram and would embarrass those with more specs on their laptops and perhaps tablets!

If anyone wants a new operating system on their tablet, let me know. I don’t mind installing heheheh…

My quote of the week: Humble yourself so that you can be exalted and state the obvious.