Change has come…

Before the new year is here, I am speaking of change. I have even changed my avatar to make my point. A quote I heard before: “The only constant thing is change.” I am finding that this statement is true. Whether people want to change or not, change is inevitable. Life will push you sometimes where you don’t want to go, and what you want you may not always get. What you need may not always be available. I want to say that I’m turning over a leaf in my life, but those are just words. I want to be a man of my actions: if I say it, I do it, as far as humanly possible.

I plan on focusing more on IT related issues, and for the people who are following, I pray you stay tuned since if you’re reading this, you have some type of knowledge to IT and the IT world.  I don’t plan on using overly sophisticated IT words, (albeit I may use technical terms, and plan on making it obvious to non techies) in order for everyone to enjoy and use me as a source of information on IT. If you want to know what’s going on personally, I plan on relaying that I’m still working out the financial kinks.

Thanks for reading my discourse, now on to the show…

I have been trying to find the right Linux operating system to utilize that is both fast and stable. I have a single core processor and 2gb of ram installed on my netbook (Acer Aspire 532h). In layman’s terms, if I had Windows installed, I would be able to have many programs open at the same time, but the computer would open each program slowly. With Lucid Puppy (5.28 i believe is the version), the browser is super fast and one click brings up whatever I’ve clicked on within a second! That’s the type of speed that I want. Some linux operating systems appear to be made for old computers that don’t have a lot of ram or hard drive space. This is beneficial since they can replace windows as the main operating system.

I want to give an example of the hard drive issue: my wife has a netbook with windows xp as the operating system, while I have a laptop with windows xp as well. We both have Microsoft Office 2010 on our computers. I opened Microsoft Word on her computer and it loaded faster than my laptop! My wife has 160gb hard drive and so do I. The difference is my hard drive is partitioned! This means that it is broken up into more than one section. For example, my C: drive is 19gb and my D: drive is 141gb. Since my wife’s computer isn’t partitioned, it loaded quicker. The hard drive is used for space to load programs quickly as well for some reason on windows. (Notice the lower case “w” when I mention windows. That must be a Linux user thing heheh). I have a dual core processor, while her netbook has a single core processor. This didn’t seem to matter. What Linux appears to do is cut out the junk running in the background which allows for a faster performance (* this may be a fallacy statement, as I have to look into this). I currently have 3 operating systems on my netbook with a 40gb hard drive. Please note that each run well (surprisingly Lubuntu 13.10 is not the fastest although it has the most hard drive space at 15gb!). It becomes a pain to maintain them since any little glitch (ie your computer shuts off from low battery) results in you having to play programmer to some effect.

Stay tuned…


How can it be done?

I have to get some wifi or something… I only have my “4G” to work with. Great news though, I finally installed Slax onto my netbook (btw that reminds me that I need to become a member of the Linux community)! Now I have two operating systems on my netbook :-). Ahh technology… it can be enjoyable, but a headache, like many material things… I have to do more networking and have to get some funding since I have a court appearance for not paying rent. I may have to make a marketing video (It may become more popular than I want, since it would deal with a mayor of NY).

I have become a researcher and I need a strong internet connection at all times. Anyone know of a cheap fast internet? I may be dreaming asking that question. Perhaps I can make it… slowly and surely I leak into the IT industry. Speaking of leaking into the IT industry, I may just start posting when I have something to post.

Makes sense right?

it’s been that long already?

Hello again!

I feel like I’m letting you guys down… I’m struggling to post as the days progress. The beneficial thing is it shows that I’m busy. The only thing is I feel like I’m doing “busy work” and not getting work done. But “little by little, bit by bit” I’m making it happen. I enjoy wordpress since I feel I can reflect on this like my journal, albeit a public journal. I want you guys to get some glimpses as to what goes on in my life, and that’s why my blog has the name that it has. Where did I leave off? I believe I mentioned my netbook problem and I found a new operating system (Slax 7). I remember my netbook was running faster with Windows 7… I think it’s because the thing boots from a 4GB flash drive that may be slowing it down. I was thinking of getting a bigger flash drive to see if that would work, or the alternative would be to install on a hard drive. It appears the maker of the operating system didn’t design it to do that, but that’s what I’m in the IT business for: to learn how to hack (make things do what I want them to do). I like languages, and it appears with Linux you have to learn a different language to communicate with it. Chinese anyone? heheh. I want to learn Chinese, but Linux doesn’t deal with the Chinese language, unless you choose that language for the system to utilize. 

I want to stay focused on 3 things: running a successful business, becoming a National Master in chess, and taking care of my family. I believe the first plays into the next two… let me know if you disagree. So, I was able to hustle some money together (thanks to a buddy of mine) where I was able to make close to $600 in 3 days! (And it was legal!) I’m thinking if I could do that for my business, I would be set! My goal is to make $100K in the first year, albeit I haven’t made a dime yet, but I was informed that during the holidays that IT assistance becomes a vital factor for companies. I pray I get to see that happen. I’m still marketing and trying to find out what’s the best way and who’s the best people to speak to about launching the business off the ground. I’m not too concerned about the government closing down partially since it appears this is being done to make a statement (if you recall, earlier this year there was going to be another shutdown, and I don’t even remember for what….). 

I think I caught up on things… I still have rent wayyyy overdue (I know some of you share my pain heheh). I still haven’t been brought to court and I thought that would’ve happened. I’m just trying to play some catchup since I appreciate that I still have a roof over my head. I forgot something… I may go into marketing to raise funds for the business. I’m not an expert at marketing, but I do have a sense of humor and know when things are able to catch on. I sent an email to someone about a little diddy that I made for Little Caesars. I haven’t gotten a response, but I plan on following up. 

For those who may be “black” centric, I just found “The Network Journal” that would assist entrepreneurs.


Stay tuned…

What a day can bring…

Hello all!

Time goes by so fast… I didn’t check to see if I posted Friday, but I’ll discuss yesterday. I was a part of Chess-in-the-Schools chess tournament in Central Park. First off, I showed up late because I went the wrong way in the park. I literally started jogging to get to the tourney on time, and still showed up late! There were six rounds, and I missed the first. There’s something called a “bye” for all you non-chessers that means you’re given a half point. In a chess tournament, every game you win equals 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. Maybe I should make a chess blog… that’s a different story for a different day… Perhaps when I have my chess site up and running. Back to the story: So I won 3 games and loss two and had a bye for the first round. So my total is…  3.5. I thought I would’ve gotten a trophy, but the competition was serious! There were 7th place trophies and those people won 5 games! I met my goal of winning at least one game since I loss the first two games that I played and went on a 3 game winning streak! (I have to give kudos to a chess buddy’s cousin, I thanked him personally.). He got my “brain juices” flowing. There are these two black chess players who are phenomenally exceptional players (Justus Williams and James Black) that played and I believed they played each other in a sudden death match (I’m not sure who won) but it was like a high school fight! People were standing on chairs to see the two play! I enjoyed myself for the most part, I plan on playing next year. I did get a free shirt hehehe…

Continuing on to techie things… My netbook (Acer Aspire) still isn’t working. A freak accident of milk spilling on it has caused it to malfunction with the keyboard. I tried giving it a rest and fixing it today. I appeared to have fixed it, but some of the keys were malfunctioning and pressing other keys. For example, if I pressed the M button, it would type m,. Some keys weren’t working and so I tried to fix it. I got frustrated and pressed on one of the non working keys and may have damaged the hard drive. I have to switch hard drives to see… I have an 80gb hard drive and have to see if it’s compatible. But I was thinking of buying a white keyboard since the netbook is onyx blue and black. It would also allow me to use it in the dark if the keys were white. I guess you can tell I’m using a different computer… I’m an Acer fan, but I can be swayed to another brand hehehe. I also have to do a little more research for a reliable website (I’m thinking of going the fatcow route since I believe it’s cheaper than godaddy). I made a free website via but it loads slllloooooooooooooooooooowwlllyy. That forces me to buy a website… Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Just another day…

Well, I guess I’m not able to post everyday… I thought I would be able to. But on to today! I thought someone hacked my netbook (pre-tablet look a like) because I couldn’t log in! But I had a freak accident: I put my netbook on my laptop and they were on the table. I was trying to eat breakfast (pancakes with milk… mmm mmm!) and I tried to push the laptop further back on the table with milk in a cup in one hand and my pancakes on a plate in the other. The milk came swishing up and wet both the laptop and netbook! I wiped it immediately with alcohol and a cloth of sorts. I went somewhere to use it and I noticed I couldn’t log in! I came back home, a bit frustrated, but was believing it was going to work. (Things like that drive one to prayer! If only I could fulfill the verse “pray without ceasing”). So I get home after reading about resetting the password and trying to finagle resetting. I didn’t want to download any malware so that wasn’t an option. Then I thought to myself: why don’t I try to log in one more time to see what’s the problem. (I may be hinting at my password at this one… attention all hackers hehehe) I pressed the letter “M” and noticed it was typing it twice! That’s why I couldn’t log in! But you know when you’re typing without looking at the little black circles you (I) wouldn’t recognize the problem. So that was the problem, the milk must’ve made the keyboard sticky and hit the letter “M” twice! 

For all the hackers out there… you still have a few letters to solve to hack into my netbook!

Note to all (although microchips are made of sand, they are not liquid friendly…)


Good day,