Now in business!

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my clients to show a program that I had made on client’s behalf. They seemed impressed but when it was payment time, there was a severe delay. I am learning that happens in business, and one needs to have continual business in order not to let any money snags hold a company back. I am also excited at my opportunity to make funds to support my business through another avenue. Now the question remains that has had me puzzled since May of last year: do I go for A+ certification, or should I just go into programming? If any of you are familiar with CompTIA then you know that there are a plethora of certificates that can be obtained in the IT field and the A+ certification gets your foot in the door to get the others. I thought I was going to be able to borrow some money for the exam, but then I was under the impression that one payment would cover it, but there are two parts to the exam… I’ve been saying that I plan on taking the exam this month believing I will have the funds. That means I need to continue to study till the time is ripe. 

There are so many resources in NY to keep one busy and even “protected”. If you’ve ridden a train in NY and a person comes on saying they need money for food, you should know it’s a scam because the US is indeed a very wealthy country, and NY is one of the wealthiest in my opinion. I base my theory on the amount of rent that is required from tenants as my basis. In Manhattan alone, you can pay up to $3000 for a small studio. What makes it worse is there are people who can pay it and do just to have a certain zipcode! 

The one cool thing is that I’m learning about getting funding via the government. It appears many people know the “ways” of doing it. In retrospect, I can’t blame anyone as one can be forced to do so because of so much bureaucracy. 

I enjoy mental stimulation, and I haven’t found the ecstasy like feeling my brain felt that I experienced watching a Charlie Rose episode over a year ago when they were speaking of the intricacies of the brain! How ironic right? That was maybe the only time I experienced that. Maybe it’s like what the movies portray about junkies: it’s the first “hit” that is sought for continually but can’t be. I play chess, study chess, and even watch legendary grandmasters play and haven’t experienced that mental pleasure that I felt. I’ve done much studying and haven’t experienced that. 

My thought of the week: Be like a robot, and don’t let your emotions control you.


it’s been that long already?

Hello again!

I feel like I’m letting you guys down… I’m struggling to post as the days progress. The beneficial thing is it shows that I’m busy. The only thing is I feel like I’m doing “busy work” and not getting work done. But “little by little, bit by bit” I’m making it happen. I enjoy wordpress since I feel I can reflect on this like my journal, albeit a public journal. I want you guys to get some glimpses as to what goes on in my life, and that’s why my blog has the name that it has. Where did I leave off? I believe I mentioned my netbook problem and I found a new operating system (Slax 7). I remember my netbook was running faster with Windows 7… I think it’s because the thing boots from a 4GB flash drive that may be slowing it down. I was thinking of getting a bigger flash drive to see if that would work, or the alternative would be to install on a hard drive. It appears the maker of the operating system didn’t design it to do that, but that’s what I’m in the IT business for: to learn how to hack (make things do what I want them to do). I like languages, and it appears with Linux you have to learn a different language to communicate with it. Chinese anyone? heheh. I want to learn Chinese, but Linux doesn’t deal with the Chinese language, unless you choose that language for the system to utilize. 

I want to stay focused on 3 things: running a successful business, becoming a National Master in chess, and taking care of my family. I believe the first plays into the next two… let me know if you disagree. So, I was able to hustle some money together (thanks to a buddy of mine) where I was able to make close to $600 in 3 days! (And it was legal!) I’m thinking if I could do that for my business, I would be set! My goal is to make $100K in the first year, albeit I haven’t made a dime yet, but I was informed that during the holidays that IT assistance becomes a vital factor for companies. I pray I get to see that happen. I’m still marketing and trying to find out what’s the best way and who’s the best people to speak to about launching the business off the ground. I’m not too concerned about the government closing down partially since it appears this is being done to make a statement (if you recall, earlier this year there was going to be another shutdown, and I don’t even remember for what….). 

I think I caught up on things… I still have rent wayyyy overdue (I know some of you share my pain heheh). I still haven’t been brought to court and I thought that would’ve happened. I’m just trying to play some catchup since I appreciate that I still have a roof over my head. I forgot something… I may go into marketing to raise funds for the business. I’m not an expert at marketing, but I do have a sense of humor and know when things are able to catch on. I sent an email to someone about a little diddy that I made for Little Caesars. I haven’t gotten a response, but I plan on following up. 

For those who may be “black” centric, I just found “The Network Journal” that would assist entrepreneurs.


Stay tuned…