Loot, Linux and life…

Hello again.

I am going to write this entry almost like a diary entry, without giving too much

information that may have people looking to get to “know” me heheh. So, I am still in

the dilemma of being evicted, and I’m praying and believing it won’t happen. I have

sought government intervention to stop that from happening and am still in the process.

I am noticing that NY may be trying to raise their property value and are driving out

those who don’t make a certain amount of income. Tourists who come here are fascinated

by NY (maybe it’s the bright lights…), but I’m not. Some people have studios in

midtown and lower manhattan that run at perhaps $3000 for 200 square feet! That amount

of money can get you a nice place like a condo in a different state!

I’m also looking to get my foot into an IT job position. I didn’t know how much

competition there was for that! I was trying to establish a IT staffing agency, but it

appears I may have to help with the branding of the company by doing IT work myself. I

was trying to enter the IT field on a basic helpdesk or desktop support mindset with

hired IT personnel. But it is not working out like I planned. I do have a client who

needs a program made (which is currently being worked on…) and it would make sense

that I make a step in the programming arena since I want to focus on cyber security.

I have been doing some programming since I have been working with various linux

operating systems. Last week I was battling to get two linux oss installed and

operating, and that was a frustrating thing! I had to reinstall the same oss twice! It

was easy to install, but to make both of them boot was a different story! I searched

online and usually no one knows how to fix my situation. There are two variables:

either I don’t know how to do an appropriate search, or my specific case hasn’t been

solved. The cool thing from doing so much research is that I get a little tidbit here,

and a little tidbit there, and I’m able to figure out what I need to do to solve my

problem. I truly appreciate linux, but I see why it hasn’t hit mainstream. The cool

thing about it is it helps me to jump into programming, and so I may be able to figure

out how to be a great white hat hacker!

PS. I plan on trying to post at least twice a week. If you read my post, and I don’t

keep my word, feel free to put me on blast hehehe or send me a friendly reminder…

Good night,


I have a “To Do” book and I keep forgetting to add “post in WordPress”. I thank the people who have been reading and have “liked” my posts. I intend on trying to “keep it real”, but this is open to the public hehehe. I’m not a Facebooker, but it appears that people think they can post anything on there without getting in trouble. That’s a real note to self. So, the beat goes on. I’m still trying to make money with the business that I started (staffing agency). I actually have a client who asked for something that I planned on specializing in later on, but what can I do, turn down money? I am looking into marketing now since it appears the better the marketing, the more likely it is that a consumer becomes a customer. I have been contacting WMBEs and it appears that .000001% need my help. So, to help with this effort, I have a YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M0imqd1pls . It’s a “try” to get my foot in the door to marketing. Let me know what you think… I’m starting to think that google is trying to monopolize the IT industry like Microsoft. It shows my “government” name, which I don’t like. How can I keep my pseudoname if they are going to relay my real business? 

I may have to stay with Linux… I’m currently using Lucid Puppy to write in WordPress. Linux is nice, but I see why it isn’t mainstream. It takes a little getting used to. This may be the thing that assists me in getting into programming… 


And to keep you guys entertained, here’s my quote of the week… “Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished.”

And on and on and on it goes…

Hello again.

Once again I must admit how embarrassed I am that I can’t post a few times a week… but I was waiting all day for Sunday night heheh. I can’t believe the Saints loss to the Jets! Let’s go Saints! (You didn’t think I was rooting for the Jets did you?) It is what it is… or es lo que es. I have been extremely busy and have not even scratched the surface of getting things done. I have a goal that I have been trying to complete for a month now (getting up consistently at 6:30a). I have two kids and a wife, but I don’t think that should interfere with my goal. My son or daughter usually wake me or my wife up. My son is 21 months old now, and he likes to get up around 3 or 4 am to eat. I don’t think that’s the problem as I usually just go to bed too late (around 2am in the morning). I like to eat a late night snack, and I think that may be hindering my 6:30a goal. 

I don’t know how much sleep my body can get and still be extremely productive, although the recommended amount is 8 hours (I don’t know anyone who realistically gets 8 hours on a daily basis). I wanted to aim for 6 or 6 1/2 hours. I was doing that all the while in school, and I don’t see why I couldn’t do it now (albeit I’m getting older). I heard a story of a preacher who would get up at 5-5:30a in the morning, and in his old age couldn’t get up that early anymore, and said he felt he was being lazy! Now that is severe discipline! 

Thought of the week: If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

Hanging in there…

Hello all.

I went to eviction court yesterday, and guess what? I was given time to pay (in full) the rent I owe! Sounds great, doesn’t it? I met with the building’s lawyer prior to the meeting with the judge. I guess he was just doing his job as he asked me “Do you have the money for the rent?” I looked at him incredulously and shook my head no. So, that means more time and more work! I got to get this business running fast! 

For the tech aspect of things (as my blog is called livinginnyand”it”), it appears I may have to learn programming a little faster than I wanted to. I wanted to enter the IT game with basic computer/network support. But those are my plans, and my plans usually come to nothing. That’s the frustrating thing, when you think that you have a brilliant plan and it can’t or just doesn’t come to fruition. Can anyone relate?

Since I have about 20 followers (yay!) I want to leave with you with a thought of the week:

“People may plan all kinds of things, but the Lord’s will is going to be done.”
I am personally experiencing that, and therefore I want to encourage you with that. If you can prove to me different, then let me know your secret hehehe… 
PS. You may be asking, why would the Lord’s will be done and not mine? Without opening a can of worms, if what you plan happens, then GOD allowed for it to happen. It’s humbling, especially in my life. If it was up to me, I would be making over 100 grand a year and living in some backwoods in Pennsylvania…

How can it be done?

I have to get some wifi or something… I only have my “4G” to work with. Great news though, I finally installed Slax onto my netbook (btw that reminds me that I need to become a member of the Linux community)! Now I have two operating systems on my netbook :-). Ahh technology… it can be enjoyable, but a headache, like many material things… I have to do more networking and have to get some funding since I have a court appearance for not paying rent. I may have to make a marketing video (It may become more popular than I want, since it would deal with a mayor of NY).

I have become a researcher and I need a strong internet connection at all times. Anyone know of a cheap fast internet? I may be dreaming asking that question. Perhaps I can make it… slowly and surely I leak into the IT industry. Speaking of leaking into the IT industry, I may just start posting when I have something to post.

Makes sense right?

it’s been that long already?

Hello again!

I feel like I’m letting you guys down… I’m struggling to post as the days progress. The beneficial thing is it shows that I’m busy. The only thing is I feel like I’m doing “busy work” and not getting work done. But “little by little, bit by bit” I’m making it happen. I enjoy wordpress since I feel I can reflect on this like my journal, albeit a public journal. I want you guys to get some glimpses as to what goes on in my life, and that’s why my blog has the name that it has. Where did I leave off? I believe I mentioned my netbook problem and I found a new operating system (Slax 7). I remember my netbook was running faster with Windows 7… I think it’s because the thing boots from a 4GB flash drive that may be slowing it down. I was thinking of getting a bigger flash drive to see if that would work, or the alternative would be to install on a hard drive. It appears the maker of the operating system didn’t design it to do that, but that’s what I’m in the IT business for: to learn how to hack (make things do what I want them to do). I like languages, and it appears with Linux you have to learn a different language to communicate with it. Chinese anyone? heheh. I want to learn Chinese, but Linux doesn’t deal with the Chinese language, unless you choose that language for the system to utilize. 

I want to stay focused on 3 things: running a successful business, becoming a National Master in chess, and taking care of my family. I believe the first plays into the next two… let me know if you disagree. So, I was able to hustle some money together (thanks to a buddy of mine) where I was able to make close to $600 in 3 days! (And it was legal!) I’m thinking if I could do that for my business, I would be set! My goal is to make $100K in the first year, albeit I haven’t made a dime yet, but I was informed that during the holidays that IT assistance becomes a vital factor for companies. I pray I get to see that happen. I’m still marketing and trying to find out what’s the best way and who’s the best people to speak to about launching the business off the ground. I’m not too concerned about the government closing down partially since it appears this is being done to make a statement (if you recall, earlier this year there was going to be another shutdown, and I don’t even remember for what….). 

I think I caught up on things… I still have rent wayyyy overdue (I know some of you share my pain heheh). I still haven’t been brought to court and I thought that would’ve happened. I’m just trying to play some catchup since I appreciate that I still have a roof over my head. I forgot something… I may go into marketing to raise funds for the business. I’m not an expert at marketing, but I do have a sense of humor and know when things are able to catch on. I sent an email to someone about a little diddy that I made for Little Caesars. I haven’t gotten a response, but I plan on following up. 

For those who may be “black” centric, I just found “The Network Journal” that would assist entrepreneurs.


Stay tuned…