Change has come…

Before the new year is here, I am speaking of change. I have even changed my avatar to make my point. A quote I heard before: “The only constant thing is change.” I am finding that this statement is true. Whether people want to change or not, change is inevitable. Life will push you sometimes where you don’t want to go, and what you want you may not always get. What you need may not always be available. I want to say that I’m turning over a leaf in my life, but those are just words. I want to be a man of my actions: if I say it, I do it, as far as humanly possible.

I plan on focusing more on IT related issues, and for the people who are following, I pray you stay tuned since if you’re reading this, you have some type of knowledge to IT and the IT world.  I don’t plan on using overly sophisticated IT words, (albeit I may use technical terms, and plan on making it obvious to non techies) in order for everyone to enjoy and use me as a source of information on IT. If you want to know what’s going on personally, I plan on relaying that I’m still working out the financial kinks.

Thanks for reading my discourse, now on to the show…

I have been trying to find the right Linux operating system to utilize that is both fast and stable. I have a single core processor and 2gb of ram installed on my netbook (Acer Aspire 532h). In layman’s terms, if I had Windows installed, I would be able to have many programs open at the same time, but the computer would open each program slowly. With Lucid Puppy (5.28 i believe is the version), the browser is super fast and one click brings up whatever I’ve clicked on within a second! That’s the type of speed that I want. Some linux operating systems appear to be made for old computers that don’t have a lot of ram or hard drive space. This is beneficial since they can replace windows as the main operating system.

I want to give an example of the hard drive issue: my wife has a netbook with windows xp as the operating system, while I have a laptop with windows xp as well. We both have Microsoft Office 2010 on our computers. I opened Microsoft Word on her computer and it loaded faster than my laptop! My wife has 160gb hard drive and so do I. The difference is my hard drive is partitioned! This means that it is broken up into more than one section. For example, my C: drive is 19gb and my D: drive is 141gb. Since my wife’s computer isn’t partitioned, it loaded quicker. The hard drive is used for space to load programs quickly as well for some reason on windows. (Notice the lower case “w” when I mention windows. That must be a Linux user thing heheh). I have a dual core processor, while her netbook has a single core processor. This didn’t seem to matter. What Linux appears to do is cut out the junk running in the background which allows for a faster performance (* this may be a fallacy statement, as I have to look into this). I currently have 3 operating systems on my netbook with a 40gb hard drive. Please note that each run well (surprisingly Lubuntu 13.10 is not the fastest although it has the most hard drive space at 15gb!). It becomes a pain to maintain them since any little glitch (ie your computer shuts off from low battery) results in you having to play programmer to some effect.

Stay tuned…


yesterday and today

Are the votes in…? heheh. I was mentally exhausted and wasn’t even aware yesterday. This is the second week that has happened playing in a chess tournament. I totally embarrassed myself and apologized to my opponent. He didn’t want me to apologize (he was being nice), but I had to since I played a severely subpar game. It was cool that I lost because he wanted to review the game with me and he started giving me his bio (Masters in Physics, made silicone drones). One would have to be an incredible liar if he was making this stuff up! We were reviewing the game and he was going over his thoughts and I was going over mine. Then more players came over to where we were reviewing the game and I got taught some fundamentals. One guy told me that I should play the Nimzo Indian (Aron Nimzovich’s opening). I relayed I was reading his book  (My System) and hadn’t gotten to that yet. So it works for me! I tried to take a nap on the train to rest my mind and thought I would be fully equipped come chess time. It seems my brain needed more rest as I saw when we were reviewing the game where my play got extremely bad…

Business wise, I’m still on the shoe string budget and don’t know any other way of getting an advance besides charging companies two weeks in advance for services. Then the quandary came about that if I do get some employees, not only do I have to pay liability and worker’s comp insurance, I would need general liability insurance! Folks, I’m collecting unemployment and the gov’t likes to take any money out of my hand that they can… $361 a week (given sporadically on a few occasions) isn’t beneficial. I have a family to take care of and that can’t even make the rent! I’m determined not to go on public assistance, so GOD willing we’ll see how this plays out. I’m believing that the business will be successful, since it wasn’t my will to do it. I was looking for a job and there was no door opening for employment (couldn’t even get temp work!). I don’t plan on robbing any banks or hacking any accounts (to get major capital) since I’m not able to get any loans. I asked for a loan and I have to have capital… If I have capital, I wouldn’t need a loan… There are even grants that NY can give and you still need to have capital!

I haven’t updated my website . I plan on adding another week and see how things go.

Till then,

good day.

Continue the streak…


I didn’t get to post yesterday due to another busy day… It was so busy I can’t remember! I’m trying to get this blog in before I can’t get it in tonight. I know that I was working on getting funding (updated business plan and signed off on some SBA documents). I got an email stating how much much I would need to get a loan above $30,000, and I don’t have it! I also went to Queens to get my business account. I like that the bank doesn’t have a “maintenance fee” to maintain my money. You would think someone is counting the money you have in the bank everyday and therefore you have to be charged. I think that is political talk to say that they want to charge you for holding your money. Speaking of political… anyone voting or going to share who they are going to vote for? I know two people I wouldn’t be voting for: Weiner and Spitzer. Before I would vote for them, they would need a lot of time out of the limelight for their scandals…

So I still have major marketing to do for the business, and have to learn how to get funding quickly. I can’t get a personal loan since I’m being told it doesn’t look like I can pay it back, and that I don’t have “revolving” credit. How can I get revolving credit when nobody wants to lend money?!? I don’t want to go to a loan shark (I would owe a million dollars before the year was over!) ! The saying “You have to spend money to make money” is true in my eyes, but how do you get the money if you’re not working?!? I was thinking of maybe doing like the people who like to get donations on the train (that’s call crowdfunding- albeit it’s against the law…). I try to do it the legal way, and I feel like I’m wasting my time.

Anyone want to lend me $10,000? If not, you can make a small contribution:  heheheheheheheh

Good day.

1st day of the week


Ah, I enjoy the first day of the week… There’s nothing like being with family on Sunday. I went to church (located in Brooklyn) and I live in the Bronx. Why the long commute? I’ll keep that a secret for now… Great service and great sermon. A famous choir made a special guest appearance, but we (my family and I) didn’t stay. I don’t listen to the artist so I didn’t think it would make sense to stay and listen. We finally got home and I remembered I had to buy floss. I figured I wouldn’t just buy floss so I tried to find a few other things to buy.

The interesting thing happened when I was returning from the store. I usually open my eyes wide if someone is looking in the same direction I’m looking. So I would be seeing either the side of their head or the back of their head to give you a visual. A man was driving a black Mercedes and I don’t know if he called to someone in front of the building that he was looking towards who was standing with a female or if the man called him (the man in the car was on the opposite side of the street from me) heading in my direction. The guy who was standing across the street said something like “My man” in my direction. I looked up at him, then the guy in the car looked at me. I turned my gaze so there wouldn’t be a conflict (not sure if you guys are familiar with the Bronx, but you usually try not to look at someone for more than 2 seconds if you don’t know them, since it may become a problem). I find it funny because I was just saying to myself that I should be more alert, and here I go looking with my eyes wide at a guy driving a Mercedes in the Bronx who is called or is calling a guy in front of a dilapidated looking apartment building. Not so alert. I’m still trying to put into practice putting something in practice for 21 days. Consistency is hard…

I want to get to higher ground and therefore I’m going to try to be consistent with my pushing of crowdfunding heheh:

Good night.

The beat goes on…

Hello again… Today was a busy day (morning). With the family asleep I figure I could tackle my business plan with a high probability of success. I was able to complete the updates within 3 hours (that’s with 1 1/2 of interruptions…). So I feel I succeeded! It’s thrilling to get something completed within a certain timeframe, it’s like a rush of sorts. But the one thing that I know, but it’s difficult to practice, is not going by feelings. This is applicable with many things like bad business deals or losing a game. It’s all about keeping your composure and learning what went wrong and improving on it the next time around. (It’s better not to be a perfectionist, but a give-aller…). I was watching a show on the Ion network and I forget the guy’s title but he had mentioned the detriments of being a perfectionist. I forget the other person, but that person strived to get things accomplished, but wasn’t a perfectionist (any help from out there would help…).

Now to the IT realm: I just finished “studying” to see what could I use to target women and minority business enterprises so that I could verbalize why they would need an IT personnel to check in on their equipment. I got great help! It’s all about verbalizing the obvious while making it applicable. I scanned an article about the need for an IT person to help small businesses. That got me excited! It may be beneficial to you as well… I was thinking that I could perhaps turn my business into a franchise since I’m trying to make a blueprint for my business so anyone can pick up and do. More to come at a later date on that one…

PS. I have to keep pushing this till the day comes: