Do you even care?!?

Hello all.

I am continuing my test of Linux operating systems. I forgot to mention that I’m also looking to see which is the easiest to install java and flash on. Linux Mint 16 has a java derivative known as IcedTea. I’m a chess enthusiast and so I utilize to test for java as it allows you to play the computer via java. IcedTea gives some error which I haven’t figured out yet how to fix, nor am I sure I plan on fixing it since I have two other operating systems on my netbook that I can use (Only Lubuntu 13.10 has java installed though…). I feel this “research” is beneficial as I believe that although Bill Gates is still around, as well as Microsoft, that pretty soon their proprietary pushing on the public consumer may come to a screeching halt. For example, I don’t have to utilize Microsoft office in order to get a word document typed up, nor do I need Excel to make a spreadsheet. I believe there is even freeware for Powerpoint that can be utilized. I say all this because Android is very popular and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With freesourcing and freeware, I’m speaking for me now, why would I need to “buy” any proprietary software? I enjoy getting free stuff, and I don’t mind learning how to utilize it as I can get an updated version without coming out of my pocket. Sounds great right? The only detrimental thing that I continually find is that it becomes difficult in certain instances to install what would seem to be a simple program. More to come on that…

I recently went to the welfare office to check on the status of my case. I don’t know about the rest of the US, but I can’t get my foot in the door with any company. That is one of the main reasons I began my own. Having a unique company name with no previous clients doesn’t help… yet the beat goes on. I’m looking for new areas to pursue, mainly in the transportation industry. I have an idea to modify the current bicycle as we know it to make it useful for all 4 seasons that New York encounters. I’m working on the blueprint as we speak and I don’t know if I should just sell the idea to a company or if I should just produce the product via my company. It comes down to funding, and if I can find some people who want to fund the business and have a say in how the product is to be completed, I’m all ears. My main goal is to get the product into the market and it doesn’t have to put a gazillion dollars in my pocket. I have an Art background, and so I would just consider it one of my masterpieces should it come to fruition, which GOD allowing would be within 5 years. But at this moment money is almost nonexistent for me and I can’t even get a low paying job. I’m thinking should I just try and work for a fast food restaurant till something comes along and accept minimum wage? That sounds ridiculous as I was making around $45,000. I don’t mind taking a pay cut, but to be paid less than half of that sounds foolish to me…

Quote of the week: Eyes and brains, Watson. Eyes and brains.


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