Now in business!

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my clients to show a program that I had made on client’s behalf. They seemed impressed but when it was payment time, there was a severe delay. I am learning that happens in business, and one needs to have continual business in order not to let any money snags hold a company back. I am also excited at my opportunity to make funds to support my business through another avenue. Now the question remains that has had me puzzled since May of last year: do I go for A+ certification, or should I just go into programming? If any of you are familiar with CompTIA then you know that there are a plethora of certificates that can be obtained in the IT field and the A+ certification gets your foot in the door to get the others. I thought I was going to be able to borrow some money for the exam, but then I was under the impression that one payment would cover it, but there are two parts to the exam… I’ve been saying that I plan on taking the exam this month believing I will have the funds. That means I need to continue to study till the time is ripe. 

There are so many resources in NY to keep one busy and even “protected”. If you’ve ridden a train in NY and a person comes on saying they need money for food, you should know it’s a scam because the US is indeed a very wealthy country, and NY is one of the wealthiest in my opinion. I base my theory on the amount of rent that is required from tenants as my basis. In Manhattan alone, you can pay up to $3000 for a small studio. What makes it worse is there are people who can pay it and do just to have a certain zipcode! 

The one cool thing is that I’m learning about getting funding via the government. It appears many people know the “ways” of doing it. In retrospect, I can’t blame anyone as one can be forced to do so because of so much bureaucracy. 

I enjoy mental stimulation, and I haven’t found the ecstasy like feeling my brain felt that I experienced watching a Charlie Rose episode over a year ago when they were speaking of the intricacies of the brain! How ironic right? That was maybe the only time I experienced that. Maybe it’s like what the movies portray about junkies: it’s the first “hit” that is sought for continually but can’t be. I play chess, study chess, and even watch legendary grandmasters play and haven’t experienced that mental pleasure that I felt. I’ve done much studying and haven’t experienced that. 

My thought of the week: Be like a robot, and don’t let your emotions control you.


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