Loot, Linux and life…

Hello again.

I am going to write this entry almost like a diary entry, without giving too much

information that may have people looking to get to “know” me heheh. So, I am still in

the dilemma of being evicted, and I’m praying and believing it won’t happen. I have

sought government intervention to stop that from happening and am still in the process.

I am noticing that NY may be trying to raise their property value and are driving out

those who don’t make a certain amount of income. Tourists who come here are fascinated

by NY (maybe it’s the bright lights…), but I’m not. Some people have studios in

midtown and lower manhattan that run at perhaps $3000 for 200 square feet! That amount

of money can get you a nice place like a condo in a different state!

I’m also looking to get my foot into an IT job position. I didn’t know how much

competition there was for that! I was trying to establish a IT staffing agency, but it

appears I may have to help with the branding of the company by doing IT work myself. I

was trying to enter the IT field on a basic helpdesk or desktop support mindset with

hired IT personnel. But it is not working out like I planned. I do have a client who

needs a program made (which is currently being worked on…) and it would make sense

that I make a step in the programming arena since I want to focus on cyber security.

I have been doing some programming since I have been working with various linux

operating systems. Last week I was battling to get two linux oss installed and

operating, and that was a frustrating thing! I had to reinstall the same oss twice! It

was easy to install, but to make both of them boot was a different story! I searched

online and usually no one knows how to fix my situation. There are two variables:

either I don’t know how to do an appropriate search, or my specific case hasn’t been

solved. The cool thing from doing so much research is that I get a little tidbit here,

and a little tidbit there, and I’m able to figure out what I need to do to solve my

problem. I truly appreciate linux, but I see why it hasn’t hit mainstream. The cool

thing about it is it helps me to jump into programming, and so I may be able to figure

out how to be a great white hat hacker!

PS. I plan on trying to post at least twice a week. If you read my post, and I don’t

keep my word, feel free to put me on blast hehehe or send me a friendly reminder…

Good night,

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