I have a “To Do” book and I keep forgetting to add “post in WordPress”. I thank the people who have been reading and have “liked” my posts. I intend on trying to “keep it real”, but this is open to the public hehehe. I’m not a Facebooker, but it appears that people think they can post anything on there without getting in trouble. That’s a real note to self. So, the beat goes on. I’m still trying to make money with the business that I started (staffing agency). I actually have a client who asked for something that I planned on specializing in later on, but what can I do, turn down money? I am looking into marketing now since it appears the better the marketing, the more likely it is that a consumer becomes a customer. I have been contacting WMBEs and it appears that .000001% need my help. So, to help with this effort, I have a YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M0imqd1pls . It’s a “try” to get my foot in the door to marketing. Let me know what you think… I’m starting to think that google is trying to monopolize the IT industry like Microsoft. It shows my “government” name, which I don’t like. How can I keep my pseudoname if they are going to relay my real business? 

I may have to stay with Linux… I’m currently using Lucid Puppy to write in WordPress. Linux is nice, but I see why it isn’t mainstream. It takes a little getting used to. This may be the thing that assists me in getting into programming… 


And to keep you guys entertained, here’s my quote of the week… “Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished.”

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