How can it be done?

I have to get some wifi or something… I only have my “4G” to work with. Great news though, I finally installed Slax onto my netbook (btw that reminds me that I need to become a member of the Linux community)! Now I have two operating systems on my netbook :-). Ahh technology… it can be enjoyable, but a headache, like many material things… I have to do more networking and have to get some funding since I have a court appearance for not paying rent. I may have to make a marketing video (It may become more popular than I want, since it would deal with a mayor of NY).

I have become a researcher and I need a strong internet connection at all times. Anyone know of a cheap fast internet? I may be dreaming asking that question. Perhaps I can make it… slowly and surely I leak into the IT industry. Speaking of leaking into the IT industry, I may just start posting when I have something to post.

Makes sense right?

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