How long has it been?

Hello all…


Talk about IT trouble… I was unable to post for a while due to IT issues. No internet (or slow internet connection) prohibited me from posting. I even tried posting on my phone and was experiencing trouble! I went to McDonald’s, as well as the Public Library trying to download a Linux type of operating system. On one occasion, I downloaded it (there’s a library in Manhattan that the Wifi is crazy fast… I’ll keep that a secret for now hehehe). When I transferred it to my computer, it wasn’t showing the size of it. It was like it split into two files. Then I started looking for smaller Linux OSes. Found one!  There’s even one that’s 50 MB. So I finally fixed the netbook (still have to fix the F5 button). It was a snap before (literally) to put back on. Now it’s giving trouble… 

Didn’t get the eviction notice yet, but find it funny that I lost my keys… The business is going… still a lot to do… Gratefully I haven’t felt the effects yet of the Federal gov’t shutting down. Anyone out of work because of it?

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