Days go by…

Where do I start? It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. Please note this post is from my smartphone. My netbook’s hard drive failed because of my frustration. I even opened up the hard drive to see if I could fix it! I have another hard drive from a PS3, but it only has 40gb. I was thinking of getting a Linux OS to install on the netbook… i played at a chess club last night and tried to download the file, but wasnt able to finish the download. I paused the download thinking I could download somewhere else… didn’t happens. I lost the chess game by giving. My opponent a piece like a patzer… i arrived late to the game because my old lady forgot i play chess on Tuesday nights…

To add insult to injury, i got a quasi eviction notice! I was told i had 3 days to pay or i would be evicted. They have to give me official documents for that to happen. Well, now my blog is official as I’m livinginnyandit hehhh. I don’t like these negative weeks, but thank GOD for them. It helps me to remember what’s important: Life.

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