What a day can bring…

Hello all!

Time goes by so fast… I didn’t check to see if I posted Friday, but I’ll discuss yesterday. I was a part of Chess-in-the-Schools chess tournament in Central Park. First off, I showed up late because I went the wrong way in the park. I literally started jogging to get to the tourney on time, and still showed up late! There were six rounds, and I missed the first. There’s something called a “bye” for all you non-chessers that means you’re given a half point. In a chess tournament, every game you win equals 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. Maybe I should make a chess blog… that’s a different story for a different day… Perhaps when I have my chess site up and running. Back to the story: So I won 3 games and loss two and had a bye for the first round. So my total is…  3.5. I thought I would’ve gotten a trophy, but the competition was serious! There were 7th place trophies and those people won 5 games! I met my goal of winning at least one game since I loss the first two games that I played and went on a 3 game winning streak! (I have to give kudos to a chess buddy’s cousin, I thanked him personally.). He got my “brain juices” flowing. There are these two black chess players who are phenomenally exceptional players (Justus Williams and James Black) that played and I believed they played each other in a sudden death match (I’m not sure who won) but it was like a high school fight! People were standing on chairs to see the two play! I enjoyed myself for the most part, I plan on playing next year. I did get a free shirt hehehe…

Continuing on to techie things… My netbook (Acer Aspire) still isn’t working. A freak accident of milk spilling on it has caused it to malfunction with the keyboard. I tried giving it a rest and fixing it today. I appeared to have fixed it, but some of the keys were malfunctioning and pressing other keys. For example, if I pressed the M button, it would type m,. Some keys weren’t working and so I tried to fix it. I got frustrated and pressed on one of the non working keys and may have damaged the hard drive. I have to switch hard drives to see… I have an 80gb hard drive and have to see if it’s compatible. But I was thinking of buying a white keyboard since the netbook is onyx blue and black. It would also allow me to use it in the dark if the keys were white. I guess you can tell I’m using a different computer… I’m an Acer fan, but I can be swayed to another brand hehehe. I also have to do a little more research for a reliable website (I’m thinking of going the fatcow route since I believe it’s cheaper than godaddy). I made a free website via wix.com but it loads slllloooooooooooooooooooowwlllyy. That forces me to buy a website… Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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