Just another day…

Well, I guess I’m not able to post everyday… I thought I would be able to. But on to today! I thought someone hacked my netbook (pre-tablet look a like) because I couldn’t log in! But I had a freak accident: I put my netbook on my laptop and they were on the table. I was trying to eat breakfast (pancakes with milk… mmm mmm!) and I tried to push the laptop further back on the table with milk in a cup in one hand and my pancakes on a plate in the other. The milk came swishing up and wet both the laptop and netbook! I wiped it immediately with alcohol and a cloth of sorts. I went somewhere to use it and I noticed I couldn’t log in! I came back home, a bit frustrated, but was believing it was going to work. (Things like that drive one to prayer! If only I could fulfill the verse “pray without ceasing”). So I get home after reading about resetting the password and trying to finagle resetting. I didn’t want to download any malware so that wasn’t an option. Then I thought to myself: why don’t I try to log in one more time to see what’s the problem. (I may be hinting at my password at this one… attention all hackers hehehe) I pressed the letter “M” and noticed it was typing it twice! That’s why I couldn’t log in! But you know when you’re typing without looking at the little black circles you (I) wouldn’t recognize the problem. So that was the problem, the milk must’ve made the keyboard sticky and hit the letter “M” twice! 

For all the hackers out there… you still have a few letters to solve to hack into my netbook!

Note to all (although microchips are made of sand, they are not liquid friendly…)


Good day,


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