Putting the pieces together

Today I spent looking for contacts for potential business. I found a website that would assist me with my endeavor. I would say… but I don’t want to give my secret away just yet… I had a coworker who would be upset if she read my posts, she didn’t like the … thing. I believe she got her masters in English. I like English, and I like to switch it up as English has a lot of stolen (or “borrowed” words). Restaurant is an example. Speaking of restaurant, I believe it was a few weeks ago where my old lady asked why didn’t I start a restaurant instead of an IT staffing agency. I relayed something to the effect that my heart wasn’t in that, and I would need major funding, and I would need to follow all of the bureaucracy of NY in order to get it up and running. I don’t believe I would’ve been in business more than a year, but I did watch that show with the English guy who was like a project manager and would go to stores and help them to pick up business. I forget the name of the show… I know it was on Food Network… BTW I don’t have cable so don’t feel like I’m trying not to say the name of the show… …. … (giggles like a school girl in his mind…) . 

So, I’m trying to stay with my mantra (TRCA) or trucka. It’s easy to remember. This isn’t for praying, but for remembering what to stay focused on: Technology, Research, Chess, and Art. Speaking of art, I was told that my logo was too plain and that I should look up some logos to improve it. I relayed to the person that I made the font and therefore didn’t think anything else was necessary. Take a look and see if you can say I plagiarized. It stemmed from my college days where I was going to a community college and thought that I would create an art movement. In a sense, I’m still having an art movement, albeit I’m tweaking the term for ‘art’. Absium was supposed to specifically be an art movement, but it turned out to be more than that, and I’m thankful for that. And I would like to push my website till the day has come for it to expire: http://gogetfunding.com/project/absium . I like to say that one has the opportunity of helping a start up that may become a big thing in the future. “Who despises the day of small beginnings?” Imagine, you can contribute to something that may one day effect the country, perhaps even the world… If you haven’t seen one of those lotto commercials where the person missed out on winning money, just pray the same thing doesn’t happen to you…

Absium is more than just an IT staffing agency. That’s just the start. Google started with the search engine, and now look what they’re doing! It almost feels as if they’re trying to dominate the world! I’m not Google, but that’s not going to stop me from my ultimate goal of becoming a cyber security force.

Good night,




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