Am I working?!?

Hello all!

I like to say with the business that I’ve started that I don’t want to do busy work, but be busy with work. Busy work is when your doing things that aren’t productive, but just keeps one busy. Being busy with work is when one is actually accomplishing something. I spent what seemed like 3 hours and didn’t feel I accomplished anything. Feelings can be misleading at times, but then you have to look at the facts and the outcomes. I only made one phone call for clients and that was it… I have to now act like I’m a boss to boss myself around and give myself a set schedule (sometimes it’s best to have a boss heheh). 

Not sure if you guys are like me where the rent is piling up as the months go on… I need like an impetus to get this business off the ground. I think my starving belly and family should be enough impetus to drive me… but regrettably it’s not… I heard on a YouTube video a guy who said “You have to be in business, to be in business”, and I think that’s a profound statement as I see that it is true. Different avenues open up while one is in business, and I was told that yesterday. So, those of you who are the 99%, you have a chance to become a 1%…


Good night,


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