Today I feel I made progress, albeit I have a long way to go… I have a potential place to get prospective employees! I spoke to a gentleman who was very insightful and helpful. I look forward to working with him in the future. I thought the meeting was going to be shorter, but it turned out to be close to two hours! I thought I would be able to jump back on a bus with the 2 hour transfer period… so much for that hehehe… But I would’ve done it over again, and I believe that’s how we should live, with no regrets. So I’m still working on contacts, and if you know anyone who may be interested in work or need help, please feel free to drop a line. I figure I post now before midnight hits in two minutes. 

PS. I wrote myself a check, and I was a bit concerned since I saw the envelope with my name showing twice and was thinking… who hacked me?!?! But then I noticed I did it (embarrassed face…). PS. I’m still taking donations at for working capital (even $3-5 makes a difference. I have a saying “Sumthin is better n nuthin”. I’ll translate- Something is better than nothing). 

Good night.

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