Another day gone…

Friday was an interesting day… I’ll keep it brief… I had a dispute with the missus over a disagreement. I didn’t feel she was being reasonable as she is/was expecting something from me which I had no clue of what it was. When asked what did she want from me, she beat around the bush like someone trying to make a snake run for it… I got loud enough for neighbors to hear which she brought to my attention. Real feelings are… real.

Saturday turned out better as we made up and went to a park with the kids. We even seesawed together. I was tempted to play basketball, but I had to let it go since it was family time. I studied some chess… and speaking of chess… I made a chess variant, and it’s called Checkmate 2 (and 3)! I was able to get the technicalities down after playing a couple of games with my wife. I was looking for potential companies to try to provide help with, but those job websites are over saturated with temp agencies! I still have to make my website, and I saw a website that gave me insight. “The greatest form of admiration is imitation”. 


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