I have no excuses…

Time just tends to fly by,.. I have it (wordpressing) on my calendar to post at 3pm and I tend to wait till night… That’s very bad… But besides that, I’m excited about my new business (there are times when I get very discouraged, and it seems like I’m not going to succeed…) since those little glimmers of hope can push a person to endure and continue. Yesterday night I was filling out another form to see about getting funding: (gogetfunding.com/project/absium) . There’s a new video posted and I’m excited that the funding is continuing. It’s scheduled to end in 10 days… but it is what it is… I know some philanthropist may contact me to make a large donation and ask for a piece of the business heheh.

I was up till around 2am completing a business plan and sending it. I don’t know if the loan officers are reading my business plan or if they are just looking at a few pages and stating I can’t be helped. Another thing about getting loans: you have to have capital! If I had capital, I wouldn’t be asking for a loan… Also, in NY, if you’re able to get a grant, you need capital! I guess the federal school loan thought process isn’t followed (The loaner company is expecting that after you graduate that you would have a well paying job, and therefore you wouldn’t need capital, but the hope of obtaining “gainful” employment). Why isn’t that considered for business loans? My business plan is reviewed and based on the success of the plans mentioned would determine if a loan is received. I need to find a microloaner who has that only as the criteria.
The day prior I was looking to create an employee application and there are so many rules and regulations as to what can be asked on an application! SHRM is a great resource for that. I had to see if I could find anything that was NY specific, but didn’t really find anything. I’m a techie (enthusiast) but I have soooo much to learn. While looking for potential employees, I contacted an IT school, and the gentleman told me that there is even a certificate in home security (embarrassed face). Not Dept. of Homeland Security, but security alarm installation and maintenance within homes. I plan on sticking with A+ certified persons.


PS. Today is my anniversary being married to my wife for 8 years! My daughter’s birthday is today as well (She’s 5)!

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