Continue the streak…


I didn’t get to post yesterday due to another busy day… It was so busy I can’t remember! I’m trying to get this blog in before I can’t get it in tonight. I know that I was working on getting funding (updated business plan and signed off on some SBA documents). I got an email stating how much much I would need to get a loan above $30,000, and I don’t have it! I also went to Queens to get my business account. I like that the bank doesn’t have a “maintenance fee” to maintain my money. You would think someone is counting the money you have in the bank everyday and therefore you have to be charged. I think that is political talk to say that they want to charge you for holding your money. Speaking of political… anyone voting or going to share who they are going to vote for? I know two people I wouldn’t be voting for: Weiner and Spitzer. Before I would vote for them, they would need a lot of time out of the limelight for their scandals…

So I still have major marketing to do for the business, and have to learn how to get funding quickly. I can’t get a personal loan since I’m being told it doesn’t look like I can pay it back, and that I don’t have “revolving” credit. How can I get revolving credit when nobody wants to lend money?!? I don’t want to go to a loan shark (I would owe a million dollars before the year was over!) ! The saying “You have to spend money to make money” is true in my eyes, but how do you get the money if you’re not working?!? I was thinking of maybe doing like the people who like to get donations on the train (that’s call crowdfunding- albeit it’s against the law…). I try to do it the legal way, and I feel like I’m wasting my time.

Anyone want to lend me $10,000? If not, you can make a small contribution:  heheheheheheheh

Good day.

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