Waiting all day…

Well, it’s the 1st day of the week! It’s going to be a busy week… I have to step up my game. I created a LinkedIn page late last night and have to update. I need a picture (I saw one guy who had a cartoon of himself and it appears he’s successful!) that can help to promote the business as well as have a professional look. I could create a picture of myself, or cartoon it via Gimp. How many of your are very talented and have the “Jack of All Trades” syndrome? 

I’m a New Orleans Saints fan and those guys won today! I’m not shocked that the Jets won, although I didn’t see the game. Mr. Ryan loves Mark Sanchez, but it’s beneficial for the Jets that someone else is quarterbacking. Enjoying the Packers vs. 49ers… 

I’ll wrap it up here since I’ve said so much in a few sentences (“discuss it among yourselves, I’m feeling verklempt…” ;-))

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