A little more insight…

Well, it’s Saturday… and it’s another busy day… Who can really say they’re not busy? I know there may be busybodies, but this is NY heheh! People move like every second counts, but aren’t going anywhere fast! I’m still trying to put all the pieces together for the business (Website, business banking account, marketing, HRing…). I wanted the business up and running by September 9th (I guess I have to put my feet to the pavement as I am technically in business). I set up another email account (couldn’t avoid gmail since it appears there’s more security with gmail. I had a Yahoo account, and it was hacked into and therefore I had to close it. I know a few other people who had a Yahoo account that was hacked in. Hotmail is the same and therefore I didn’t want to go the Microsoft route. Did I miss any other free reliable emails?). 

Not getting much feedback here, but I do appreciate you that are “liking” my blogging. Let me know if I’m not doing something right since I tried to put some visuals to entice my fellow wordpressers. Let me know if the blog is too boring, or whatever… I like to pace myself with information since I plan on doing this for the longhaul…

PS. Absium is the company name, and I have to change the gogetfunding website. Anyone looking for some IT assistance/staffing?


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