Let’s get it going!

Alright! The EIN is received! I’m ready to go! But… I still need funding… it’s all about the funding… I’m looking for funding from credit unions since that may be the best route to get a loan via SBA. I’m still learning how to post/blog/wordpress… if anyone has advice or know experts that I can consider for work, support, or guidance, I would greatly appreciate it. I have to update my funding website gogetfunding.com/project/a-it-temps-agency to show the changes that have happened. I just got off the phone with a brother of mine who’s trying to get me connected with someone in Texas! No state is out of bounds, I’m looking to googlize! 

Now I need to set up like 9 more websites… Who would’ve thought a start-up needed so much starting up? LinkedIn is the next target. Any angel funders out there? I’m looking to do too much it appears… I want to set up a website (chess based) where I display my new variation of chess, which I call Checkmate 2 to get funding from another source (I live in a studio with my wife and 2 kids, the studio is about 850 square feet– that shows how serious the financial situation is in NY. My wife used to do real estate and some places in Manhattan can go for $2000 for 300 square feet!). I looked up variations on chess just to confirm my idea was original. It is! I may have to learn how to put pgn to work on a website… at least the basics so if I pay someone I don’t get hustled…

Good night.


…0-0. I’m a castle! (Blue’s Clues remix on “Love Day” ditty)

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