Days events

It was an interesting morning… although I won’t get into much detail but give a story to give you some thought as to what was experienced: when one is married (man and woman), it’s a difficult thing if one of the partners is suspicious of the other. This causes distrust and is extremely detrimental to the relationship, especially if one of the partners hasn’t been caught doing anything (or there is an assumption that something is “happening). I remember my brother stating something to this effect: if he has a girlfriend that thinks that he is cheating on her, and she continually accuses him of cheating, and if he isn’t, then he “will” cheat! This is an interesting thought process. Instead of trying to convince the person you’re not doing wrong, to give in to the wrong doing. I don’t agree with that thought process.

Technology can play a role in this as well since social media and other sorts of socializing may make someone extremely paranoid. My recommendation: before getting married, make sure that your partner is trustworthy and is looking out for your best interest. In this day and age it seems people don’t take marriage serious… if one isn’t serious about marrying, then why get married?

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