I missed a day…

Hello all…

I’m a bit embarrassed that I wasn’t able to post yesterday, but I did get busy to the point where the next thing I knew it was midnight (therefore I’m trying to post before midnight!). Great news! I finally got my business certificate today! It’s soooo much work just to get a business up and running. It’s not over yet, I still have to do the daily tasks to be in business (stay tuned…). Yesterday I was busy running around to get personal things done. I work up early and still found myself unable to post as I had a chess tournament to attend in Queens (came home and no food was ready for me to devour) so I had to eat, and therefore made something to nibble on for that night and today. After cooking and eating it was around midnight! I’m not sure if you (plural) play chess, but if you make one move incorrectly, it can cost you the whole game. Chess is like life in that sense… You can open the game great, but then make a bad decision in the middle stages of the game or the end of the game. 

I’m still trying to get funding via my website to get more funders: http://gogetfunding.com/project/a-it-temps-agency. Just $24 more dollars and the whole world can see my plans. More funders, means I stay in business longer. If you own a business, I would be more than happy to get advice (especially if you reside in NY). I’ve learned that big businesses know how to get funding, and therefore that’s how they stay in business (look at the big car companies who got federal funding…). I’ve been doing a lot of studying (chess, with getting the business started, etc.) and I notice that change is necessary to get focused. For example, if I want to excel in the business, I have to refocus my energies somewhere else and return to the business to be most effective. Let me know if that rings true for you as well.


Gotta go… trying to post before midnight… Good night!

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