1st day of the week


Ah, I enjoy the first day of the week… There’s nothing like being with family on Sunday. I went to church (located in Brooklyn) and I live in the Bronx. Why the long commute? I’ll keep that a secret for now… Great service and great sermon. A famous choir made a special guest appearance, but we (my family and I) didn’t stay. I don’t listen to the artist so I didn’t think it would make sense to stay and listen. We finally got home and I remembered I had to buy floss. I figured I wouldn’t just buy floss so I tried to find a few other things to buy.

The interesting thing happened when I was returning from the store. I usually open my eyes wide if someone is looking in the same direction I’m looking. So I would be seeing either the side of their head or the back of their head to give you a visual. A man was driving a black Mercedes and I don’t know if he called to someone in front of the building that he was looking towards who was standing with a female or if the man called him (the man in the car was on the opposite side of the street from me) heading in my direction. The guy who was standing across the street said something like “My man” in my direction. I looked up at him, then the guy in the car looked at me. I turned my gaze so there wouldn’t be a conflict (not sure if you guys are familiar with the Bronx, but you usually try not to look at someone for more than 2 seconds if you don’t know them, since it may become a problem). I find it funny because I was just saying to myself that I should be more alert, and here I go looking with my eyes wide at a guy driving a Mercedes in the Bronx who is called or is calling a guy in front of a dilapidated looking apartment building. Not so alert. I’m still trying to put into practice putting something in practice for 21 days. Consistency is hard…

I want to get to higher ground and therefore I’m going to try to be consistent with my pushing of crowdfunding heheh: gogetfunding.com/project/a-it-temps-agency.

Good night.

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