I should’ve guess there would be days like this…

I’m noticing that it isn’t easy on this website to get posts or feedback… I guess I have to spend more time making an impression on other people’s blogs and spiff up mine. Just opening the “Reader” I notice there’s feedback galore…  Wordpress does mention it takes time to get a following. I do plan on trying to type at least 2 paragraphs a post, but I’ve only been posting 2 paragraphs! I guess it’s not getting anyone’s attention…

I’m into efficiency and I guess I have to realize that efficiency comes from learning how to process things in an orderly and timely manner. My timeframe is usually short. For instance, I enjoy the game of chess and earlier this year (perhaps a few months ago) I made it a goal that I would become a National Master in chess (rating of 2200). My rating come September will be below 1200. The rating system is interesting as per USCF (United States Chess Federation) as your rating increases or decreases the third week of the last month. I have a long way to go to get to 2200, but at one point I wasn’t enjoying the game, but was playing as if I were studying for the SATS (please note I’ve graduated from High School over a decade ago…). I mention that to say that it wasn’t fun, and I wasn’t enjoying the game. I feel like I’m trying to do that in technology as well since I don’t have a firm grasp of the security side of technology as I want to know it. I asked Bill Mullins (who has a blog on here called Tech Thoughts Daily Net News) and he gave me information to get me on my way. I still haven’t fully checked it out, but just took a glance. It could be the youthful side of me…

I also heard recently on Law and Order- Criminal Intent Vincent D’Onofrio’s character say “Jack of all trades, Master of Nuthin’ ” and I feel that somewhat rings true for me since I believe I have plenty of talent and I’ve been dispersing it everywhere. If you read my about section, you can see my focuses. But what if I could master all of my focuses? Isn’t it possible? I’m into efficiency, and learning, and… the learning could be hindering me from being a master since I like to learn new things. I’ve decided to try to focus my energies on a few things so I’m not over the place. I respect people who have a mastery in one field (whether it’s engineering, math, even cleaning!). All of their focus and energy is in one thing with years of experience within that field. To bring this into focus, I’ve been looking for work going on a year, but it seems that companies may not have been as interested since although I’ve done tons of administrative work, it’s not focused in one particular area… So it just makes sense naturally that I would open a business and handle all facets till I’m too overworked and need to hire help (Sounds great doesn’t it?). 

I would be remiss if I didn’t put my link for my crowdfunding: http://gogetfunding.com/project/a-it-temps-agency . I don’t believe some of my associates and even family are taking me serious, but I have nothing to lose since I can’t get hired. I figure I can just work like I’ve been working for other companies to make money for myself where there isn’t a glass ceiling… 

Election time is around the corner here in NY, and I don’t know if any people here on wordpress are considering candidates, but I have to do more research on the top 3 candidates on the polls at the moment before I choose (should I vote…). This means more time learning. Can the brain be too informationalized before it becomes fatigued and doesn’t learn at a rapid rate?

Any researchers/educators that may know?

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