The beat goes on…

Hello again… Today was a busy day (morning). With the family asleep I figure I could tackle my business plan with a high probability of success. I was able to complete the updates within 3 hours (that’s with 1 1/2 of interruptions…). So I feel I succeeded! It’s thrilling to get something completed within a certain timeframe, it’s like a rush of sorts. But the one thing that I know, but it’s difficult to practice, is not going by feelings. This is applicable with many things like bad business deals or losing a game. It’s all about keeping your composure and learning what went wrong and improving on it the next time around. (It’s better not to be a perfectionist, but a give-aller…). I was watching a show on the Ion network and I forget the guy’s title but he had mentioned the detriments of being a perfectionist. I forget the other person, but that person strived to get things accomplished, but wasn’t a perfectionist (any help from out there would help…).

Now to the IT realm: I just finished “studying” to see what could I use to target women and minority business enterprises so that I could verbalize why they would need an IT personnel to check in on their equipment. I got great help! It’s all about verbalizing the obvious while making it applicable. I scanned an article about the need for an IT person to help small businesses. That got me excited! It may be beneficial to you as well… I was thinking that I could perhaps turn my business into a franchise since I’m trying to make a blueprint for my business so anyone can pick up and do. More to come at a later date on that one…

PS. I have to keep pushing this till the day comes:


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