I forgot to mention…


Hey again! I want to continue with mein (my) story. I have been looking to secure a loan (pun intended) in order to get the IT consulting agency up and running. I kept hearing about the SBA (Small Business Administration) and looking through their website (mainly for documents for a small business). I think subconsciously I stopped looking to get a loan through them since I read that they don’t give loans, and so I didn’t consider that they were an intermediary to act as a guarantor for the loan (I think it’s the youthfulness in me that I didn’t slow down to read the website and its contents entirely…). So now I figure I can try for a loan with some backing which may induce loaners to loan me money!

So, I plan on trying to get things completed after the Labor Day weekend (since I know most companies may go into “vacation” mode tomorrow and put off work till next week- I’m speaking from experience). Then slowly and surely I can put the puzzle pieces together to start a sure foundation to take off once the business is open and operational. PS. I have a funding website for those who are generous and may be interested in helping a start-up start up. The link is http://gogetfunding.com/project/a-it-temps-agency . If you’re scared to click on the link, I’ll teach you a trick… you can copy and paste the URL into a wordpad/notepad program, then copy the URL and paste into your browser (this should get you to the “real” website if you believe the link may lead to another source…). Using a browser like Google Chrome will let you know automatically if the link is suspicious.

Look forward to hearing from you…


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