My first wordpress entry about living in NY!


my name is Steve and I plan on revealing what I’m doing and what I’ve experienced as a “New Yorker”.  I also plan on speaking about information technology (IT) and my endeavor to start and expand a new start-up IT consulting agency. I plan on trying to post everyday at least 2 paragraphs. I am going to start with my start-up business that I’m trying to get off the ground. I have been trying to get my business certificate for close to a month now with no avail… You may think it’s a simple thing to get a business certificate, but if you live in NY, you know that there is much bureaucracy that one has to deal with. In order to get DBA (doing business as) certification, one would need a lease (from a commercial leaser- at least this is my case) in order for the business certificate to be notarized and accepted by NY. I was trying to get a lease from one particular location in the Bronx, NY, and it literally took close to 2 weeks before I obtained it. I decided to go another route prior to receiving the lease…

I read the lease and although I’m not a lawyer, the lease doesn’t seem favorable financially. I was told one amount in person, but when I got the lease, there was a “different” amount (more on the lease than told in person- which is not surprising). Speaking to different business counselors, I was told to be wary of leases from commercial properties since there may be fees that one may have to pay and the cost isn’t really known (like paying a percentage of the building property tax). Not wanting to pay two times the amount of the rent, and not having the funding anyway to pay the rent, made me look for more cost efficient alternatives. There are places where you can have a little office space for cheap (like having a desk and chair for the month for $400- $1000). That’s highly beneficial for start-ups and would recommend to anyone.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions… Feedback is very beneficial (negative or positive- just try to keep the language professional- ;))

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